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If you are one of the estimated 60% of Americans who have life insurance, good for you. And if you are now looking for additional life insurance coverage, you have come to the right place. AdditionalLifeInsurance.com is the ideal resource to help you get life insurance quotes on additional policies that meet your exact needs at the price you need.

AdditionalLifeInsurance.com helps you shop for quotes from many different companies all at once. And there’s no fee—our service is always absolutely free!

Just answer a few simple questions, such as when you were born, the state where you live, whether you are female or male, your weight, and your height.

Then click “Check Rates Now.” In seconds, you will see quotes from America’s leading life insurance companies, all competing for your business!

It’s a tremendous time-saver!

Until AdditionalLifeInsurance.com, your only option was to research insurance policies one company at a time: requesting their literature, filling out their forms, getting calls from their salespeople…

If you are shopping for additional life insurance, you already know the drill and how painful it can be. But not with AdditionalLifeInsurance.com. You answer a few questions. Once and only once. Then you see your quotes. At a glance, you can compare features and costs before picking the policy that’s perfect for you.

The whole process is amazingly simple and amazingly fast. What used to take hours now takes seconds. We shop the entire insurance industry for you in the blink of an eye!

It’s a fantastic money-saver!

What do you get from AdditionalLifeInsurance.com? Options.

And with options, you have the power to do comparison-shopping without having to settle for coverage that is less than ideal for your budget or your needs. That’s what happens to some people—they find that shopping for life insurance is so painful, they just give up after one quote. Whatever it is, they’ll pay it, just so they don’t have to go through the hassle of more shopping.

In most cases, theses folks get stuck with a policy—and remember, this is for life—that isn’t quite right for their needs and definitely isn’t right for their budget.

That doesn’t happen at AdditionalLifeInsurance.com. Whether you are looking for a first policy or an additional policy, we make the whole shopping process easy and problem-free.

All budgets welcomed

No budget is too large or small for AdditionalLifeInsurance.com. We help you find a policy that you can afford. And we don’t sell “shady” coverage from “fly-by-night” companies. In fact, AdditionalLifeInsurance.com doesn’t sell anything at all. We are dedicated to being a free information resource that helps you find high-quality coverage from the highest-quality companies in the industry.

Whether you seek coverage with a hefty premium and a multimillion-dollar benefit…or you seek more modest-priced coverage, you can find a policy at AdditionalLifeInsurance.com.

AdditionalLifeInsurance.com will show you all your life insurance options from all the different companies all at once. It is simply the most convenient way to compare coverage and costs before selecting the policy that is perfect for you now and into the future.

All insurance needs served

Are you young and healthy? You will find the most options at AdditionalLifeInsurance.com. But even if you have a pre-existing condition…even if you have a terminal illness…you may be able to find coverage at AdditionalLifeInsurance.com.

Or perhaps you want to buy a policy and name your house of worship or favorite charity as the beneficiary. Or perhaps you want a life insurance policy with no medical examination needed. We serve many people who, for personal or religious reasons, must avoid physical examinations: the detailed medical history, urine and blood tests, needles, and so on. AdditionalLifeInsurance.com can help you find the right option at the right price.

For every individual, every need, every budget, every time, AdditionalLifeInsurance.com  is the ideal comparison-shopping resource. We search the entire insurance industry to find the ideal coverage for you.

What is the easiest, most cost-effective way to find additional life insurance coverage? How can you do it painlessly? How can you do it fast? How can you do it free? Simple. Do it at AdditionalLifeInsurance.com!