5 Reasons to Buy Term Life Insurance No Medical Exam Required

life insurance with broker2Buying life insurance without medical examination is possible and highly recommended for some people. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy term life insurance no medical exam required:

  • No exam life insurance provides coverage to senior citizens. Getting life insurance when you are more than 50 years old becomes quite challenging. You must pass multiple medical tests, present extensive medical records and so on. Even so, standard policies have an age limit situated around 65 years. If you are older than that, your only option for coverage is no exam life insurance. You can find companies that accept clients with age around 80-85 years.
  • No exam life insurance provides coverage for people with a pre-existing medical condition. If you are having serious medical issues it highly unlikely to be accepted for standard insurance. Instead, you can apply for no exam life insurance policies. Still, in order to get the suitable policy, you must divulge some info related to your condition. People with chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes or tuberculosis have real chances of being accepted. However, there are few diseases that make you ineligible for no exam life insurance: cancer, HIV/AIDS or any terminal disease.
  • Applications are processed really fast. Expect to be called back with an answer right in the same application date. The reason for this swiftness is the absence of medical tests. You no longer have to wait several weeks until medical results are brought and analyzed by the hired medics of the insurance company.
  • No exam life insurance is very diverse. There several policies which can be obtained without having to undergo medical examinations. The most common and appreciated no exam life insurance policies are: simplified issue, guaranteed acceptance, final expenses and graded death benefit.
  • You can easily get life insurance quotes. Since more companies decided to sell this type of insurance, you can expect to find easier brokerage websites that offer no exam life insurance quotes.

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