Family Life Insurance

Green-FamilyLife is never sure to give us guarantees that we will always be there to take care of our loved ones. That is where life insurance for family policies can help. It helps provide some much needed financial security in the event of untimely death, and gives you the peace of mind knowing that, regardless of what happens, your family will not have to deal with financial constraints.

The whole point of life insurance is that you never know when you’ll need it. So even though your policy might be long-term, you need to make sure it offers the right amount of benefits for your current situation. Whether you’re married or single, it’s good to know that your finances will be resolved if you should die unexpectedly.

That could mean paying off loans or a mortgage, and it’s especially important if you have a lot of debt or want your family to keep living in your home. You’ll also want to know that your family’s financial needs will be covered if you’re no longer able to provide for them. You’ll need the most life insurance when your kids are growing – enough to last them until they become adults and cover their college education. This is even more important if you’re the main breadwinner.

The general rule for life insurance is that your policy should pay your beneficiaries seven times your annual salary. The idea is that as your salary changes, your family’s lifestyle changes to match. If you’re self-employed or own a business, you might also have business-related expenses to cover.

Having life insurance helps give your family the security it would need should something happen to you. It’s one more way you’re protecting them even if they have to go on without you.

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