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You can insure your child as soon as it is born, if you purchase an infant life insurance policy. There are advantages and disadvantages. A first pro for buying such a policy are the low premiums that you can get. Insurance companies also pay a huge death benefit, in case your child dies. Many parents consider such a policy as a good saving account for their child.

But some financial specialist say that there are better ways in which you can save money for your child’s education and that an infant life insurance is not necessary because your child does not provide an income that needs protection.

Purchasing an infant life insurance policy is easy if you follow these steps.

First, your child will need a social security number. A social security number can be easily obtained by completing a SS-5 form, which you can find on the Social Security Administration’s website. Complete the form and mail it along the birth certificate or a U.S. passport.

It is important to choose a cheap insurance policy. It is important to purchase a policy with small premiums, because you’ll have to pay it a long time. Take your time and compare different infant insurance quotes on the internet from financial stable insurance companies. If you have a financial adviser, discuss with him or her, the pros and cons of obtaining such a policy. Your agent will be familiar with your current economic situation and he or she will help you make the right decision.

When you decide upon a policy, remember to check the financial rating of the insurance company. If you have any questions regarding the insurance plan, don’t be afraid to ask the insurance agent. You must fully comprehend the terms of the policy before you sign it! In the case of infant life insurance, the owner of the policy is the same with the beneficiary, but you are free to choose someone else from your family as the beneficiary.

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